Tuition case No: 10077 [CLOSED]

Level : SPM (1 student from Private school)
Location: Bandar Tasik Selatan
Subjects : Add Maths (2 hours), Physics (1.5 hours), Chemistry (1.5 hours)
Rate : RM50/hour (RM1000/month)
Duration : 1.5 hours per week(Physics & Chemistry), 2 hours for Add Maths
Day/Time : 3 classes, any Weekday from 7pm.

* Tutor can choose 1 or more subjects

How to apply:

A) Please ensure to register yourself FREE at before applying the job for FIRST time tutor and mention the job number. We need to send your profile to parents/student.

B) If you have facebook, kindly add our facebook at , and LIKE our page at  (we will update jobs on facebook and in case of contact)

C) Registered tutor please whatsapp/sms Mr Low 0123883302:
1) Your FULL NAME, tuition case NUMBER, subject preferred (Add maths, Physics or Chemistry).
2) Your available slot for tuition. Years of experience in teaching the subjects.
3) Eg: (“FULL NAME”, 10077, SPM Add Maths, 3 years experience, Monday 7pm – 9pm).

D) Only suitable candidate will be contacted. 50% commission first 4 weeks.

E) Or SMS/whatsapp your:
1. Full Name, IC, age, gender
2. Case Number, Subject + Level, yr of teaching exp
3. Highest qualification
3. current location + Tuition Area travelled
4. Availability
5. Current profession
6. Active email/as per facebook


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