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Tuition Job 11998b (SPM – Chem, Physic & Maths) RM300 / sub / month – Tmn Permai Jaya, Bkt Mertajam

Tuition case No: 11998b  [OPEN] Level : SPM Location: Tmn Permai Jaya, Bkt Mertajam Subjects : Chem, Physic & Maths Rate : RM 50 / hr Duration :  1.5 hrs / sub, once a week. Day/Time : Weekend * Preferred tutor with experience who is committed * Start class Dec’17 * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received Read More

Tuition Job 11997b (SPM – Bio, Chem, Physic, Add Maths & Maths) RM300 / sub / month – Malim Jaya, Melaka

Tuition case No: 11997b  [OPEN] Level : SPM Location: Malim Jaya, Melaka Subjects : Bio, Chem, Physic, Add Maths & Maths Rate : RM 50 / hr Duration :  1.5 hrs sub , once a week. Day/Time : Weekend * Preferred CHINESE  / INDIAN FEMALE tutor with experience who is committed * Start class ASAP * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact Read More

Tuition Job 11996b (PT3 – Sci) RM270 / month – Tmn Pelangi, JB

Tuition case No: 11996b  [OPEN] Level : PT3 Location: Tmn Pelangi, JB Subjects : Science in English Rate : RM 45 / hr Duration :  1.5 hrs , once a week. Day/Time : Mon ~ Wed 3.30-6.30pm * Preferred CHINESE FEMALE full time tutor with experience who is committed and major in sci / maths holder * Start class Read More

Tuition Job 11995t ( Adult – English @ RM 50/hr -Jalan Dindings Taman Lim, Ipoh)

Tuition case No: 11995t [ OPEN ] Level : Adult English Location: Jalan Dindings Taman Lim, Ipoh Subjects : Adult English Rate: RM 50/hour Duration : 1 hour /lesson, Once a week Day/Time : Mon to Wed 7 pm onwards * Prefer  INDIAN or Chinese tutor. * Will collect 50% commission and pass contact after received payment. Fully refund is promised if the job is unsuccessful Read More