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Tuition Job 15570c (Ausmat Maths) Tutor to quote– Setia EcoPark Setia Alam

Tuition case No: 15570c [OPEN] Level: Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)Location: Setia EcoPark Setia AlamSubjects: SACE Mathematics MethodsRate: Tutor to quoteDuration: 1.5 hours per class, twice a weekDay/Time: Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday (morning or afternoon time negotiable)

Tuition Job 15541t (Std 4 – KSSR BM) tutor to quote – Tmn Sentosa Klang

Tuition case No: 15541t [OPEN] Level : Std 4Location: Tmn Sentosa KlangSubjects : KSSR BMRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 1.5hrs per weekDay/Time : Tue or Wed 6.30pm

Tuition Job 15540t (IGCSE Yr 4 – Mandarin) tutor to quote – The Light Collection III

Tuition case No: 15540t [OPEN] Level : IGCSE Yr 4Location: The light Collection IIISubjects : MandarinRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 1.5hrs lesson, 3 times a weekDay/Time : Mon& Tues 5pm/530pm, Sat 5pm

Tuition Job 15539t (STPM – MUET) tutor to quote – ONLINE

Tuition case No: 15539t [OPEN] Level : STPM ( Exam on Dec 2023)Location: OnlineSubjects : MUETRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 1hr lesson, twice a weekDay/Time : Negotiable

Tuition Job 15538t (SJKC Std 2 – BM & English) tutor to quote – Batu 9, Cheras

Tuition case No: 15538t [OPEN] Level : Sjkc Std 2Location: Batu 9, CherasSubjects : BM , EnglishRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 2hrs lesson, 1hr for each subject,once a weekDay/Time : Mon morning or night

Tuition Job 15537t (IGCSE Yr 7 – physic) tutor to quote – ONLINE

Tuition case No: 15537t [OPEN] Level : IGCSE Yr 7Location: ONLINESubjects : PhysicsRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 1.5hrs lesson, once a weekDay/Time : Mon/Fri 6pm

Tuition Job 15536t (IGCSE Yr 11 – English as 2nd language) tutor to quote – ONLINE

Tuition case No: 15536t [OPEN] Level : IGCSE Yr 11Location: OnlineSubjects : English as Second languageRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 2hrs lesson,Once a weekDay/Time : Wed 2pm onwards or weekend

Tuition Job 15535b (A level – math) RM 60 per hour – Eco Majestic Semenyih

Tuition case No: 15535b [OPEN] Level : A levelLocation: Eco Majestic SemenyihSubjects : mathRate : RM 60 per hour Duration : 2 hours per class, 2 times per week Day/Time : Mon & Wed 5-7pm * Need an experienced and committed Chinese male tutor * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received payment. Read More

Tuition Job 15534t (diploma in logistic – quantitative methods) tutor to quote – ONLINE

Tuition case No: 15534t [OPEN] Level : Diploma in Logistics (Resit exam Jan 2024)Location: OnlineSubjects : Quantitative MethodsRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 1.5hrs lesson,twice a weekDay/Time : negotiable

Tuition Job 15533t (IGCSE Yr 9 – science) tutor to quote – Ipoh Garden East

Tuition case No: 15533t [OPEN] Level : IGCSE Yr 9 (Checkpoint exam)Location: Ipoh Garden EastSubjects : ScienceRate : tutor to quoteDuration : 1.5hrs lesson, Once a week/SubjectDay/Time : Sat 1pm or 4pm onwards

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