Frequently asked questions

How much is the home tuition rate?

Home tuition rate depends on the tutor’s teaching experience and qualifications. For further info on our tuition rate kindly click here.

How to arrange the tuition fee payment?

After fixing the tuition rate, normally parents can discuss the payment term with the tutor and pay to tutor directly. 

Is there any free trial class before engaging the tuition?

Nope, but there is paid trial class available, as the tutor needs to travel to the student’s house and prepare the lesson in advance.

Do you provide study materials?

Normally tutors will prepare the study material (eg buy the workbook, exercise book, etc) and inform parents of the cost of the materials. The study material has to be paid for by the parent.

How old is your tutor in general?

It depends on the individual, we will send you the tutor profile included their age for your reference before engaging them for tuition. Normally their age is between 21 – 50 years old.

Can you provide the tutor’s profile picture?

Yes, we can provide the tutor’s profile picture upon request if a parent is interested to get more info about our tutor.

May I know what’s your tutor qualifications?

Our tutors’ qualifications including Degree holder, Master holder, Ph.D., school teacher, lecturer, fresh graduate, college student and etc. We will help you to filter the suitable tutor based on your requirements of qualifications and send you their profile for your reference before engaging for home tuition.






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