Home Tuition Rate in Malaysia

The home tuition rate below is a guideline on how the tutors are charging for home tuition or private tuition in the market.

Home Tuition Fees for UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE, A-level, IB, AusMat and etc in Malaysia

  • Pre-School from RM30 per hour.
  • Standard 1-3 from RM30 per hour.
  • Standard 4-6 (UPSR) from RM35 per hour.
  • Form 1-3 (PT3) from RM40 per hour.
  • Form 4-5 (SPM) from RM50 per hour.
  • Year 1-3 from RM40 per hour.
  • Year 4-6 from RM50 per hour.
  • Year 7-9 from RM60 per hour.
  • Cambridge IGCSE from RM60 per hour
  • Pre-U / A-Level from RM70 per hour
  • Diploma / Degree / IB / Ausmat from RM80 per hour
  • Basic/ Adult Language from RM60 per hour
  • ACCA/Law Subject from RM100 per hour

However, some tutors will charge a higher rate based on a few factors such as:

1) Tutor’s year of teaching experience

In this case, a tutor with more years of teaching experience usually charges a higher rate due to the limited timeslot available, as they might be packed with existing classes.

2) Qualifications and working experience

In general, a government school teacher, International school teacher, University lecturer, specialist educator, etc with higher qualifications such as a Master’s Degree, Ph.D., or professional certificate holder will demand a higher private tuition rate.

3) Short term tuition or exam preparation private tuition

Tutors normally charge a higher rate due to short-term tuition or exam focus classes. As there are chances that they might miss out on another good long-term tuition opportunity. For exam focus classes, some tutors need to prepare the lessons and work out the syllabus with the students within a short period of time, hence more preparation work is needed to deliver a better teaching result.

However, if you need more information about the tuition rate, kindly give us a call on 018-254 0128 or WhatsApp us, our tuition agent will be glad to further explain the tuition rate. Hope this will help you to get the best tutor based on your budget. Or you can request a tutor here.

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