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Tuition Job 11894c (IGCSE)- ICT @RM 80/hr – Gombak, Selangor

Tuition case No: 11894c [OPEN ] Level :  IGCSE ICT (Exam Oct/Nov 2017)  Location:  Gombak, Selangor Subjects : IGCSE ICT Rate: RM80/hr Duration :  2hrs per day, 3 classes per week (around RM1920/month) Day/Time : Student not going to school. Anytime negotiable. * Preferred experience tutor teaching IGCSE ICT subject.   * Will collect 20% advance commission and pass contact after Read More

Tuition Job TC10412c (Yr 10 IGCSE Maths, ICT, Bio, Chem, Malay, RM60/hr – Tuition centre at TTDI, PJ)

Tuition case No: TC10412c [CLOSED] Level : Year 10 IGCSE Location: Tuition centre at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), PJ Subjects : Maths, ICT, Biology, Chemistry, Malay Language Rate : RM 60 per hour Duration : 2 hrs/class, 2 classes weekly (about RM 960/month/subject)   Day/Time :  Weekday between 8.30am to 2pm, tuition time negotiable during interview. Read More

Tuition Job 10223c (IGCSE ICT, Combined Sci – Desa Park)

Tuition case No: 10223c [CLOSED] Level : IGCSE (2 students) Location: Desa Park Subjects : ICT, Combined Science Extended Rate : RM 100/hour,  about RM150 per session  Duration : 1.5 hour, 2 x 1.5 hours @ RM100/hour =  about RM 1200/month (2 classes weekly) Preferred Day/Time : Friday 8pm, or Saturday, Sunday anytime * 2 students in a class. * Exam Read More

Tuition Job 10101 (ICT / Computing STPM – Klang)

Tuition case No: 10101 [CLOSED] Level : STPM Lower six Location: Taman Menara Maju, Klang (Google map) Subjects : ICT / Computing Rate : RM 50/hour ,  about RM100 per session * Duration : 2 hours, 1 x 2 hours @ RM50/hour =  about RM 400/month (1 class per week) Preferred Day/Time : Nego with tutor Read More