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Tuition Job 11890c (PT3)- Maths,BM , BI &SCI@RM 45/hr – Tmn Pancasila Saleng, Kulai Johor

Tuition case No: 11890c [CLOSED] Level :  PT3  Location: taman pancasila saleng, kulai johor Subjects :  BM , BI ,MATHS & SCI Rate: RM45/ hr Duration : 1hr per subject Day/Time : Monday 5 -6pm,Tuesday 5-6pm ,Thursday 5-7pm * Preferred  tutor with experience.Long term tuition , will continue after PT3. * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received payment. Fully Read More

Tuition Job 11387b (Adult – Basic Mandarin ) RM270 / month – Masai, Pasir Gudang

Tuition case No: 11387b [CLOSED] Level : Adult Location: Masai, Pasir Gudang Subjects : Basic Mandarin of level HSK 3 Rate : RM 45/hr   Duration : 1.5 hrs, once a week Day/Time : Flexi preferably after 7 p.m from Monday to Friday * Preferred Chinese tutor (below 40 years old) * Start class ASAP * Advance 50% commission first Read More

Tuition Job 10302c ( F4 Add Maths, Phy, Bio, can choose sub, RM40/hr – Johor)

Tuition case No: 10302c [CLOSED] Level : Form 4 Indian Female student Location: Taman Perling, Johor Subjects : Add Maths, Physics, Biology Rate : RM 40/hour  Duration : 1.5hrs/sub, 3 classes weekly (RM720/month) Day/Time : Weekday nego * Preferred Chinese/Indian, tutor can choose preferred subjects. * 50% commission. How to apply: A) Please make sure to register yourself FREE at before applying the job for FIRST time Read More

Tuition Jobs 10298c, 10299c ( Johor )

Tuition case No: 10298c [CLOSED] Level : Primary 3 Singapore syllabus. Location: Mount austin, austin perdana Johor Subjects : Maths, Science, English Rate : RM 35/hour  Duration : 1.5hrs/class, 2 classes weekly (RM420/month) Day/Time : Monday and Wednesday between 4pm -6pm * Preferred female tutor, can choose preferred subjects. * 50% commission. Tuition case No: 10299c [OPEN URGENT] Level : 4 and 6 Read More

Tuition Job 10259c (Degree Maths for Management – Seri Alam Johor)

Tuition case No: 10259c [CLOSED] Level : Degree, Malay Female students. Location: Bandar Seri Alam, Johor Subjects : Maths for Management Rate : RM 70/hour  Duration : 2 hours/lesson (1 class weekly, RM560/month) Day/Time : Weekdays after 5pm * Exam in December 2014 * Any tutor good in differentiation, integration, matrix, and quadratic functions. How to Read More

Tuition Job 10135 (Piano – Nusajaya Johor)

Tuition case No: 10135 [CLOSED] Level : Piano Beginner Location: Taman Nusa Idaman, Nusajaya Subjects : Piano Rate : negotiable* Duration : negotiable* Preferred Day/Time :  Friday after 12pm *Rate negotiable based on experience, tutor with relevant experience kindly quote your rate per hour. *Duration negotiable. *I am still looking for a piano teacher for my 8-year old son and Read More

Tuition Job 10114 (Std 2 Mandarin, BM – Nusajaya Johor)

Tuition case No: 10114 [CLOSED] Level : Standard 2 Location: Taman Nusa Idaman, Nusajaya Johor. Subjects : Mandarin, BM Rate : RM 40/hour,  about RM60 per session  Duration : 1.5 hour, 2 x 1.5 hours @ RM40/hour =  about RM 480/month (2 classes weekly) Preferred Day/Time : Sunday to Friday, between 9am to 10:30am. * Tutor can choose preferred subject. * Read More

Tuition Job 10102 ( Std 2 BM – Taman Kota Masai, Johor )

Tuition case No: 10102 [CLOSED] Level : Standard 2 Location: Taman Kota Masai, Johor Subjects : BM Rate : RM 40/hour ,  about RM80 per session  Duration : 2 hours, 2 x 2 hours @ RM40/hour =  about RM 640/month (2 classes per week) Preferred Day/Time : Weekday after 7pm   How to apply: A) Please make Read More

Tuition Job J10092 ( Std 4 Maths, BM – Kulaijaya – Johor Bahru)

Tuition case No: J10092 [CLOSED] Level : Standard 4 Location: Bandar Putra, Kulaijaya Johor Bahru (Google map) Subjects : BM, Maths Rate : RM35/hour , RM52.5 per session Duration : 1.5 hours , 2 x 1.5 hours @ RM 35/hour = RM 420/month (2 classes per week) Day/Time : Mon, Tues, Wed 8.30pm onwards, Sat 5pm onwards *Preferred Read More