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We have more than 10000 experience teachers 👩🏻‍🏫, successfully helped more than 5000 parents and students to find a suitable and experience one to one online and home tutor. Perfect home tuition helps you:

✔️Solve the problem that parents need to be teachers!
✔️During the epidemic of COVID-19, students can't go out for classes, but can still study at home with their private tutor and keep up with their academic progress. 
✔️Study safely at home!
✔️The teacher can accurately find out the weak points of the student and give one-on-one explanations. 
✔️Solve the problem that teachers in the big classrooms can't focus to teach the individual students when he/she having problems understand a topic.
✔️Students can ask the questions directly if they don’t understand, and the teacher can answer them immediately. 
✔️The arrangement of courses is more personalized and suitable for the individual student who is weak in academics.

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