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Tuition Job 10340t (Year 10 IGCSE Add Maths -Taman Mutiara Indah, Puchong)

Tuition case No: 10340t [CLOSED] Level : Year 10 IGCSE Location: Puchong, Taman Mutiara Indah Subjects : Add Maths Rate : RM 80 per hour   Duration : 2 hours once a week  Day/Time : Weekend anytime * Exam in September/ October 2015 How to apply: A) Please make sure to register yourself FREE at http://perfecthometuition.com/register-as-tutor/ before applying the job for FIRST time tutor and mention the job number. Read More

Tuition Job 10338t ( Std 6 Maths & Science – Putra Heights, Subang)

Tuition case No: 10338t [CLOSED] Level : Standard 6 (SK syllabus) Location: Putra Heights, Subang Subjects : Maths and Science Rate : RM 40 per hour   Duration : 1.5 hours twice a week  Day/Time : Weekdays 8pm-930pm * Preferred Female Malay school teacher. * Exam in Year 2015 * Start class in November 2014. How to apply: A) Read More

Tuition Job 10338c ( Std 1 BM, Mandarin RM40/hr – Setia Eco Park Shah Alam)

Tuition case No: 10338c [CLOSED] Level : Standard 1 chinese boy ( chinese school syllabus) Location: Setia Eco Park, Setia Alam Subjects : Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin Rate : RM 40/hour   Duration : 1.5 hours/subject (RM480/mth) Day/Time : Tuesday, Thursday morning 9.30am – 11am * Tutor can choose preferred subject. * Experience tutor in handling kids. How to apply: A) Read More

Tuition Job 10337c (A level Economics RM100/hr – Seksyen 4 PJ)

Tuition case No: 10337c [CLOSED] Level : A level AS (A female indian student) Location: Seksyen 4 PJ (near Assunta Hospital) Subjects : Economics Rate : RM100/hour Duration : Negotiable Day/Time : Weekday and Weekend negotiable with tutor * Experience tutor in teaching A level Economics. How to apply: A) Please make sure to register yourself FREE at http://perfecthometuition.com/register-as-tutor/ before applying the Read More

Tuition Job 10336c (F4 Account RM45/hr – Taman Sea PJ)

Tuition case No: 10336c [CLOSED] Level : Form 4 chinese female student Location: Taman Sea Petaling Jaya Subjects : Account, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths (CLOSED) Rate : RM 45/hour   Duration : 1.5 hours/Subject, 4 classes weekly (RM 1080/mth) Day/Time : Tuesday – Friday 7pm onwards * Preferred a tutor to teach at least 2 subjects, eg: Physics Read More

Tuition Job 10335c (Std 4, Std 6 BM & Science, RM40/hr – Kota Damansara)

Tuition case No: 10335c [CLOSED] Level : Standard 4, Standard 6 (1-1 tuition, 1 hr each/subject) Location: Kota Damansara Subjects : Bahasa Melayu, Science Rate : RM 40/hour   Duration : 2 hours, 2 classes weekly (RM 640/mth) Day/Time : Tuesday 4pm – 6pm, Saturday 2pm – 4pm * Preferred female tutor with experience. * Students from kebangasaaan school (SK), both chinese Read More

Tuition Job J10334c ( F4 add maths, RM50/hr – Johor Bahru)

Tuition case No: J10334c [CLOSED] Level : Form 4 (2 malay female students, group tuition) Location: Taman damansara aliff, Johor Bahru Subjects : Add Maths Rate : RM 50/hour   Duration : 1.5 hours, 2 classes weekly (RM600/mth) Day/Time : Tuesday & Friday between 3pm – 6pm * Preferred female malay tutor. How to apply: A) Please make sure to register yourself FREE Read More

Tuition Job 10333ck (5 y/o English phonics – Bandar Manjalara Kepong)

Tuition case No: 10333ck [CLOSED] Level : 5 years old female student. Location: Bandar Manjalara Kepong Subjects : English Phonics (Victoria programme) Rate : RM 40/hour   Duration : 1 hour weekly (RM160/mth) Day/Time : Weekday evening or Saturday morning * Only Female tutor any race, know how to teach English phonics. * Tutor need to teach English phonics Read More

Tuition Job 10332ck (Std 1 & 2 BM, Eng – Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong)

Tuition case No: 10332ck [CLOSED] Level : Standard 1 and 2 (2 chinese female students, siblings) Location: Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong Subjects : Bahasa Melayu, English Rate : RM 40/hour   Duration : 1.5 hours weekly (RM240/mth) Day/Time : Thursday or Friday 7pm onwards. * Preferred Female chinese/indian tutor. * A tutor to teach both subjects. How Read More

Tuition Job 10331t (A-level Maths, Physics, Art & design – Putrajaya Presint 15)

Tuition case No: 10331t [CLOSED] Level : A-level Location: PutraJaya Presint 15 Subjects : Maths, Physics, Art & design Rate : Negotiable   Duration : Negotiable Day/Time : Negotiable * Preferred tutor who have experience in teaching A-level. * Exam in November 2014 * One time commission apply RM 100/subject How to apply: A) Please make sure to register yourself Read More