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Tuition Job 13060t (IGCSE Yr 10 – extended math) RM 90 / hr (2 hrs weekly) – Bdr Botanic, Klang

Tuition case No: 13060t [CLOSED] Level : IGCSE Yr 10Location: Bandar Botanic, KlangSubjects : extended MathRate : RM 90 per hourDuration : 2 hrs once a week   Day/Time : Wed 6 pm or above * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received payment. Fully refund is promised if the job is unsuccessful or after Read More

Tuition Job 12916t (Form 4 – pendidikan Islam) RM 80 / hr – Bkt Tinggi 2, Klang

Tuition case No: 12916t [CLOSED] Level : Form 4 (2 students tuition together)Location: Bkt Tinggi 2, KlangSubjects : pendidikan IslamRate : RM 80 / hr Duration : 1.5 hrs / weekDay/Time : Fri 8 pm * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received payment. Fully refund is promised if the job is unsuccessful or after first Read More

Tuition Job 12034c (Form 1 – Eng, Maths & Sci) RM300 / sub / month – Bkt Tinggi, Klang

Tuition case No: 12034c [CLOSED] Level : Form 1 Location:  Bkt Tinggi, Klang Subjects : English, Maths & Science Rate:  RM 50 / hr Duration : 1.5 hrs / sub, once weekly Day/Time : Mon / Wed / Fri 11am or negotiable *Preferred experience tutor. *Start class ASAP * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received Read More

Tuition Job 12018t ( Yr 3 international school – Math @ RM 50/hr -Bandar Puteri Klang)

Tuition case No: 12018t [ CLOSED ] Level : Year 3 international school Location: Bandar Puteri Klang Subjects : Maths Rate: RM 50/hour Duration : Once a week 1.5hrs each lesson Day/Time : Weekend 3:30pm onwards * Prefer female tutor. * Will collect 50% commission and pass contact after received payment. Fully refund is promised if the job is unsuccessful or after first class. Read More

Tuition Job 11967t ( Checkpoint Year 9 – Maths @ RM 70/hr -Taman Melawati, Ulu Klang)

Tuition case No: 11967t [CLOSED ] Level : Checkpoint Year 9 Location: Taman Melawati, Ulu Klang Subjects :  Maths Rate: RM 70/hour Duration : 2 hours/lesson, Once a week Day/Time : Negotiable * Prefer  Female Tutor who is familiar with the IGCSE syllabus. *short term tuition till end of December 2017 * Will collect 30% commission and pass contact after received payment. Fully refund Read More

Tuition Job 11900c (Year 5 international school)- Mandarin,Math & English @RM 50/hr – Tmn Melawis ,Klang.

Tuition case No: 11900c [CLOSED] Level :  Year 5  (International school) Location:  Taman Melawis Klang Subjects : Mandarin, Maths, English Rate: RM50/hr Duration :  Mandarin 1.5hr, Math, English 1hr each subject. Day/Time : Monday or Friday 4 pm onwards. * Preferred female tutor with experience in teaching.    * Will collect 50% advance commission and pass contact after received payment. Read More

Tuition Job 11404b (Entry Exam – Eng, Sci & Maths) RM50 / hr – Tmn Berkeley, Klang

Tuition case No: 11404b [CLOSED] Level : Entry Exam for private school (12 yrs old girl) Location: Tmn Berkeley, Klang Subjects : English, Sci & Maths Rate : RM 50 / hr (2 months only) Duration : 1.5 hrs/class, twice a week (Eng 1 class, Sci & Maths 1 class) Day/Time : Mon to Fri (TBA), Sat 9 am to 12noon * Read More

Tuition Job 11047c (Year 3 Mandarin RM300/mth – Taman Melawis Klang)

Tuition case No: 11047c [CLOSED] Level : Year 3 Chinese boy (Tenby International school) Location: Taman Melawis, Klang Subjects : Mandarin 华语 Rate : RM 50/hour  Duration : 1.5 hours/class, RM 300/month Day/Time : Wednesday between 3pm – 6pm * Preferred female chinese tutor. * Preferred tutor who is good in teaching mandarin for international school Cambridge syllabus with good attitude. * Read More

Tuition Job 10406c (A level Further Maths, RM120/hr – Klang)

Tuition case No: 10406c [CLOSED] Level : A level Location: Klang Subjects : Further Maths Rate : RM 120 per hour Duration : 2hrs/class, 2 classes weekly (about RM1440 )   Day/Time :  Negotiable * Preferred experienced CHINESE tutor teaching A level syllabus. * Student back for holiday break, class till end of december 2014, about 3 weeks classes. * 1 Read More

Tuition Job 10271c (F4 Bio & Physics, can choose sub, RM60/h – Klang)

Tuition case No: 10271c [CLOSED] Level : Form 4 chinese female student Location: Taman Maznah, Klang Subjects : Biology, Physics Rate : RM 60/hour  Duration : 2 hours/subject (2 classes weekly, RM960/month) Day/Time : Mon Wed Fri (6.30pm onwards) or Weekend morning before 1pm. * Preferred experience female tutor for biology, any tutor for physics * Student from Sri KDU. How Read More

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