Tuition case No: 10288c [CLOSED]

Level : Standard 1 chinese school boy
Location: Penang Bayan Lepas
Subjects : Mandarin, Maths, Science, English, BM (can choose subjects)
Rate : RM 35/hour 
Duration : 1.5hrs/class, 3 class weekly ( about RM 800/month)
Day/Time : Weekday after 7pm

* Preferred Chinese tutor (male or female) experience in teaching.
* 50% commission.

Tuition case No: 10289c [OPEN]

Level : Form 5
Location: Penang
Subjects : Physics
Rate : RM 50/hour 
Duration : 1.5hrs, 1 class weekly ( about RM 300/month)
Day/Time : Tuesday or Thursday time nego

* Preferred Chinese tutor (male or female).
* 1 time commission RM80

Tuition case No: 10290c [OPEN]

Level : Year 10
Location: Kota Damansara
Subjects : Physics
Rate : RM 70/hour 
Duration : 1.5hrs/class, 1 class weekly ( about RM 420/month)
Day/Time : Monday between 4.30pm – 7pm

* Preferred Chinese/Indian tutor (male or female) experience in teaching Physics.
* 50% commission.

Tuition case No: 10291c [CLOSED]

Level : IGCSE male student
Location: Putra Height
Subjects :  English
Rate : RM 70/hour 
Duration : 1.5 hours, 1 x 1.5 hours @ RM70/hour =  about RM 420/month (1 class weekly)
Preferred Day/Time : Monday or Thursday between 4pm – 7pm

*IGCSE Exam in May 2015
*Preferred male chinese/indian tutor, however female tutor with relevant experience are encouraged to apply
*Rate nego based on experience.
*50% commission

Tuition case No: 10292c [CLOSED]

Level : Form 5 SPM malay male student
Location: Aman Perdana Klang
Subjects : Add Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Rate : RM 60/hour 
Duration : 2hrs (Add Maths), 1.5 hours/sub (chemistry & Physics) 
Day/Time : Weekday 3pm – 10pm, Weekend after 12pm.

* Can choose preferred subject.
* one time commission of RM100/subject.

Tuition case No: 10293c [CLOSED]

Level : Year 11 Malay female student
Location: Section 9 Shah Alam
Subjects : Economics (Closed), Biology
Rate : RM 60/hour 
Duration : 1.5hrs/class, intensive revision class
Day/Time : Weekend Sunday after 11am/ Weekday nego

* Exam in End of Oct 2014
* 1 time Commission RM100

Tuition case No: 10294c [CLOSED]

Level : Primary 1 & 2
Location: Kindergarten at Taman muda Ampang
Subjects : All subjects
Rate : RM 1000/month
Duration : 2 hours/class, 5 classes weekly
Day/Time : Mon – Friday 8.30am – 10.30am (Morning class)

* Preferred Chinese female
* 30% commission.

Tuition case No: 10295c [CLOSED]

Level : Year 3 & Year 5 International school
Location: Setia Alam
Subjects : Mandarin & BM
Rate : RM50 – 70/hr * 
Duration : nego
Day/Time : nego

* Preferred chinese tutor good in mandarin or BM
* 1-1 RM50/hr, 1-2 RM60 – 70/hr, rate nego based on experience.
* 50% commission.

Tuition case No: 10296c [CLOSED]

Level : Year 9 International School
Location: SS12, Subang Jaya
Subjects : Maths & Science (CLOSED), English
Rate : RM 50/hour 
Duration : 2hrs/class, 4 classes weekly (RM1600/month)
Day/Time : Weekday nego.

* Preferred chinese female tutor experience in teaching International school syllabus.
* 50% commission.


How to apply:

A) Please make sure to register yourself FREE at before applying the job for FIRST time tutor and mention the job number. We need to send your profile to parents/student.

B) If you have facebook, kindly add our facebook at , and LIKE our page at  (we will update jobs on facebook and in case of contact)

C) [IMPORTANT] Registered tutor please whatsapp/viber/sms Mr Low 012- 388 3302:
1) Your full name, tuition case No., Subject.
2) Years of experience in teaching the subjects, and your available slot for tuition.
3) Eg: (“FULL NAME”, “Case No”, “subject” , 3 years experience, Saturday 12pm – 1.30pm).

D) Only suitable candidate will be contacted. Commission 50% first 4 full weeks. Priority given to tutor who can pay upfront. Else collect after first class.
(Kindly take note that due to lots of application sometime we might not update your job status if it is unsuccessful, thanks) 

E) Or SMS/whatsapp your:
1. Full Name, IC, age, gender
2. Case Number, Subject + Level, yr of teaching exp
3. Highest qualification
4. current location + Tuition Area travelled
5. Availability
6. Current profession
7. Active email/as per facebook


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